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Frank Quint Slattery

April 11, 2012

Frank “Quint” Slattery is a 38-year old mutual and hedge fund manager based out ofWayne, PA. From an early age, Frank took a decided interest in the financial industry.

Thanks to his academic fortitude and excellent secondary school record, he was readily
accepted into the illustrious Princeton University. Widely regarded as one of the top
universities in the country, it was with pride that Frank received his A.B. in History in

After college, Slattery began his career in Investment Banking. He was swiftly hired as
a Summer Analyst at Merrill Lynch and subsequently went onto become a full Analyst
with the firm in 1996. Quint quickly absorbed everything that was taught to him by his
mentors and quickly rose through the ranks. Desiring more extensive responsibilities,
Quint left Merrill Lynch in 1997 to become a Portfolio Manager for Pilgrim Baxter &
Associates (PBHG). Possessing over two billions dollars under management, Quint
inspired one of his managed stock funds, New Opportunities, to a 415% return during
a 12 month period, placing it as the number one stock fund of that period as tracked by
Bloomberg News.

In March of 2000, Slattery left Pilgrim Baxter. He has been with his present employer,
Symmetry Peak Management (SPM), for upwards of ten years. At SPM, Quint acts as a
Managing Member, and is currently the manager of the Symmetry Peak Hedge Fund –
a highly successful fund that has attained over 163 million dollars and is backed by 125
unique investors.

Slattery has also been the recipient of a number of honors and awards. He currently
belongs to the Alumni Association of Princeton University and is largely recognized as a
pioneer within his chosen field. Possessing an uncanny ability to recognize new potential
technologies and help bring them into the public eye, Quint Slattery proves a well-
rounded individual worthy of the success he has enjoyed in his life thus far.



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